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Past Talks

ChefConf 2019 - Seattle, WA - May 20-23, 2019 - Mainstage: Keynote Day 1

Keynote Brittany Woods

ChefConf 2019 - Seattle, WA - May 20-23, 2019 - Session: Bridging the Great Divide: Using Chef as a Spark for DevOps

Abstract: Historically, dev teams and ops teams have set on separate sides of the fence. DevOps has been sold as the answer. Bring your teams together and work will be more efficient and harmonious. What happens if you work in a slower moving industry or for a company that is just getting started in this movement? How can you ignite change? Many tools we work with today have been developed with DevOps principles in mind — Chef being one of them. In this talk, I’ll highlight how you can use Chef to spark change in your org and get on a path to a more collaborative future. I’ll also talk about how using Chef can lead a person on a personal DevOps journey by highlighting my path to Chef enlightenment.

ChefConf 2018 - Chicago, IL - May 22-25, 2018 - Session: Herding Cats: How to Get an Entire Organization Cooking With Chef

Abstract: We often hear technical talks about how companies are utilizing Chef to be awesome and successful, but we rarely get to hear about the human aspect of these transformations. Using Chef successfully requires a significant amount of emphasis to be placed on internal Chef practitioners and culture. Without these key ingredients, companies may find their road to success paved with pot holes and their perceived finely tuned processes falling to the wayside in favor of professional cat herding. In this talk, I plan to discuss how we built Chef User confidence internally as well as how we’re working to onboard an entire company with Chef. I will also discuss how we’re tackling the problem of the Chef Learning Curve (TM) and the inherent knowledge gap that comes along with it.

Herding Cats Brittany Woods

ChefConf 2018 - Chicago, IL - May 22-24, 2018 - Customer Interview: Quality through Collaboration at CARFAX with Chef Automate

Chef Customer Interview Brittany Woods

ChefConf 2018 - Chicago, IL - May 22-24, 2018 - Live Podcast Recording: The New Stack Makers

The New Stack Makers Podcast Brittany Woods